General Dental Practice

East Bay Area, CA


The two owner-doctors would like to sell to another dentist and transition out of the practice. 


  • Prime East Bay Location: This dental practice boasts two convenient locations in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, providing accessibility and ease for patients.
  • Experienced Ownership: The practice is currently managed by two doctor owners who are open to exploring all transition options, ensuring a smooth handover and continued success.
  • Facilities: Each location is equipped with three operatories, making a total of six operatories across the practice, designed for optimal patient care and efficient workflow.
  • Steady Patient Base: The practice serves a dedicated base of 735 active patients across both locations, demonstrating strong community trust and loyalty.
  • Growth Potential: With almost no advertising, the practice primarily relies on word-of-mouth referrals. This presents a significant opportunity for growth through strategic marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Financial Performance: The practice has collections totaling $640,000, with a True Take Home of $280,000, indicating strong profitability and financial health.
  • Expansion Opportunities: The established patient base and word-of-mouth reputation offer excellent potential for expansion and increased revenue with minimal initial marketing investment.


2 locations

6 total operatories

Collections of $640,000

True Take Home of $280,000

735 active patients

Reference #HW62824

East Bay Area

Diverse Culture: The East Bay boasts rich cultural diversity, vibrant arts, and international cuisines.

Educational Excellence: Home to UC Berkeley, offering strong educational opportunities.

Scenic Beauty: Features beautiful parks like Tilden and Mount Diablo for outdoor activities.

Economic Opportunities: A hub for innovation with a growing tech industry and numerous startups.

Community and Connectivity: Excellent public transportation and a strong sense of community.

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Reference Number – HW62824

  • Type of Practice: Dental Practice, General Practice 
  • Location: California 
  • Address: Sacramento, California 
  • # of Operatories:
  • Collections: $640,000 
  • Seller’s Discretionary Earnings: $280,000 
  • Active Patients: 735 
  • new patients per month: 10