Oral Surgery Practice

Philadelphia, PA


The oral surgeon is interested in selling their practice and transitioning to retirement. They are open to continuing to practice as needed for up to three years. 


  • Established Practice: The oral surgeon has served the community for over twenty-five years and is now ready to pass on this thriving practice to a new owner as they transition into retirement.
  • Strategic Locations: The practice operates from two locations within thirty miles of Philadelphia’s city center, offering access to urban amenities while maintaining a strong sense of community.

    Expansion Potential: One of the locations provides an opportunity for physical expansion, catering to the growing demand for oral surgery services in the area.


    Well-Equipped Facilities: The practice features six operatories designed for efficient patient care and seamless workflow.


    Steady Patient Flow: With limited advertising efforts, the practice serves an average of 20-25 new patients per month, showcasing its strong reputation and word-of-mouth referrals.


    Robust Financials: The practice reported collections of $895,000 in 2023, with a true take-home pay of $320,000, highlighting its profitability and financial stability.


    Real Estate Opportunity: The property is available for purchase alongside the practice, offering a seamless transition for the new owner.


Two locations

6 total operatories

Collections of $895,000

True Take Home Pay of $320,000

20-25 new patients/month

Reference #H61824PA1

Philadelphia Suburbs

Rich Historical Significance: Philadelphia is known for its pivotal role in American history, with iconic landmarks such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Cultural and Culinary Scene: The city and its suburbs boast a vibrant arts scene, numerous museums, and diverse dining options, including the famous Philly cheesesteak.

Educational Institutions: The region is home to renowned universities and colleges, such as the University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University.

Beautiful Parks and Recreation: Access to extensive parks, including Fairmount Park, and outdoor recreational activities, provide ample opportunities for leisure and fitness.

Excellent Transportation Options: The area offers convenient access to airports and is well-served by the SEPTA Regional Rail system, facilitating easy commutes and travel.

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Reference Number – H61824PA1

  • Type of Practice: Dental Practice, OMS Practice 
  • Location: Pennsylvania 
  • Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
  • # of Operatories:
  • Collections: $895,000 
  • Seller’s Discretionary Earnings: $320,000 
  • Active Patients: 470 
  • new patients per month: 25