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Headwaters Practice Transitions is here to ensure your transition is smoother, simpler, and considerably less daunting. Selling a dental practice can induce stress; ensure you possess all pertinent information to make a fully informed and educated decision with Headwaters.

Recognizing your current position before deciding is consistently the more prudent path, and ensuring you possess comprehensive data can guide you toward the optimal result. Whether your aim is to increase earnings, gain more leisure time, alleviate HR responsibilities or pursue another alteration, we’ll present all available choices, grounded in thorough research and data analysis, empowering you to make a well-informed decision.

As seasoned dental practice brokers, our sole focus revolves around facilitating the buying and selling of dental practices. While you may not engage in dental practice transactions daily, it’s our area of expertise, and we handle it routinely.

Depend on the Premier Broker for Your Dental Practice Sale

The team at Headwaters Practice Transitions has assisted numerous doctors across the nation in selling their dental practices. Unlike other dental brokers, we employ an exceptionally proactive marketing strategy to ensure your practice reaches every prospective buyer in your area. While maximizing your practice’s exposure, we prioritize confidentiality, striving to identify the right buyer rather than settling for the first interested party.

To maintain discretion, we adopt a strategic approach, requiring all potential buyers to sign a non-disclosure agreement before accessing further information about you and your practice. We recognize that transitioning a dental practice is a complex process, and at Headwaters, we streamline the transition journey for general and pediatric dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons and periodontists nationwide, making it effortless, painless and seamless.

Our process begins with a comprehensive practice analysis, encompassing numerical, physical, and emotional facets of your dental practice.


  • Financial Reports
  • Patient Data
  • Procedure Breakdown
  • Principal Dentist’s Earnings


  • Seating/Lighting/Apparatus
  • Renovation Requirements
  • Office Site


  • Optimal Exit Plan
  • Financial Well-being
  • Staff Commitment
  • Transition Approach

Diving Into Your Dental Practice Prospectus

In order to explore potential transition pathways and gain insight into the assessed worth of your practice, the team at Headwaters Practice Transitions will compile a comprehensive dental practice prospectus. This dossier will provide an appraisal of your dental practice, utilizing established metrics commonly accepted within the specialty.

Although concise, this document will encapsulate key categories pertinent to prospective buyers of your dental practice all within approximately 20 pages.

Once you’ve gained insight into your dental practice’s value, you might find that the appraised price falls short of your expectations or financial requirements for your transition plans. Consequently, you may opt to enhance the value of your practice before proceeding with a sale. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Expand your range of patient treatments, such as introducing services like dental implants or orthodontics if you currently don’t offer them.
  • Boost your marketing efforts, whether through paid advertising, unconventional marketing tactics or networking with relevant professional associations.
  • Trim unnecessary expenses without compromising your practice’s revenue or patient care standards.
  • Consider upgrading your facility, though keep in mind that the increase in value might not directly match the investment, so prioritize upgrades that benefit your practice beyond just preparing it for sale.
  • Explore opportunities for acquiring or merging with another dental practice to achieve economies of scale, which can lead to substantial growth, particularly when combining four or more practices.

Various Dental Practice Transition Strategies

Every dental practice and transition scenario is unique, with various factors influencing the ideal transition strategy for your situation.

Some key considerations include the size and location of your practice, the types of insurance plans accepted, the number of operatories available and potential for future expansion. Additionally, it’s crucial to determine whether you intend to continue practicing at the dental practice for an extended period or if you’re seeking a sale and exit strategy.

We always tailor transition strategies to fit your specific needs, but some common practice transition options include:

  • Buy-Out: This involves a specific buyer purchasing a defined portion of your dental practice from ‘Day One’ for a negotiated amount. Headwaters conducts both practice analysis and personality profiling to ensure compatibility.
  • Buy-In: There, a purchaser acquires your dental practice for a negotiated price with a relatively brief transition period, typically averaging around three months.
  • Associate to Buy-In (ROADMAP): In this transition, a potential buyer transitions from being an associate to buying into the practice over time. This approach allows for compatibility assessment and time to plan the future of the dental practice, rather than making immediate decisions. Division of power is a key consideration in this process.
  • Associateship: Associates are readily available, and this option allows you to retain full control. However, it’s worth noting that the success rate is only around 20% due to differing expectations. Headwaters can help mitigate these disparities in expectations.
  • Merger: Two existing dental practices merge to form a single entity, usually with equal partnership moving forward unless otherwise specified.
  • Roll-Up: This involves acquiring multiple dental practices to merge them into a single entity, maximizing economies of scale. While it can be time-consuming, it often leads to a higher overall value for your dental practice, making it one of the most financially rewarding transition types, provided you have the necessary time investment.

In the end, there’s a range of transition strategies to explore, and each scenario is unique. Whether you’re contemplating selling your dental practice, seeking a partner or aiming to acquire a dental practice, rest assured that you’re in capable hands with Headwaters.

Reach out to the Headwaters Practice Transitions team to assist in identifying the optimal transition plan tailored to you, your practice, and your future goals!